SoilCyclers announced as first Preferred Mixing Contractor in Australia for Rembind

SoilCyclers are delighted to be named Rembind’s first Preferred Mixing Contractor in Australia.

We use our extensive soil mixing and blending experience to mix Rembind, a product developed in conjunction with CSIRO that permanently immobilises PFAS in soil.

Independent studies using US EPA Methods show that Rembind immobilises PFAS in soil for at least 1000 years, meaning the problem won’t be left for future generations to deal with.

“While we cannot remove PFAS, we can immobilise it and provide contractors with a scientifically proven solution that allows PFAS contaminated soil to be safely disposed of or even reused onsite,” SoilCyclers Managing Director Alison Price said. 

If you would like assistance with PFAS soil remediation or PFAS soil immobilisation, please reach out on 1300 748 388.